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Introducing: DIDN'T TRY

Alicia Moffet’s latest single, “Didn’t Try”, is a cathartic power ballad that captures the burn-out of trying your hardest to revive a relationship, as well as the euphoria of finally leaving with your head held high. Written in the aftermath of a break-up, “Didn’t Try” sees Alicia making peace with her decision to leave, affirming to herself that she’d done everything she could to make the relationship work. “I look at this song as a part of my life and as a mountain I had to climb,” says the singer. “When I listen to it now, it feels very healing. It’s satisfying but it’s also such a vulnerable song.”

Beginning with a sparse arrangement and building to a triumphant crescendo, “Didn’t Try” sonically charts the singer’s journey. “I’ve been in my head replaying all the moments where you said you cared,” Alicia reminisces over a soft piano line in the song’s first verse. Ethereal vocal harmonies join the singer, lifting her confidence as she reasons with herself, “Can’t say I didn’t chase you, can’t say I didn’t fight.” The single’s final chorus soars with Alicia’s powerhouse vocals reaching new heights and emotions. Now assured in her decision and backed by a choir of shimmering harmonies, the singer rises above it all with grace, singing, “You could say I never loved you, but can’t say I didn’t try.”




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